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IKEA Furniture / Home Store

2 Jalan PJU 7/2,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

"Ikea meatballs!!!"
"Steam Brocolli & Fried Chicken Wing is worth to try!"
"Since the food court is crowded most of the time, why not have some COURTESY and give other ppl ur seat as soon as u finish ur meal, esp for ppl w/ kids& elders."
"The chicken Curry Puffs are not to be missed!!"
"Don't park here on weekends or public holidays. Take a cab."
"forget the lame karipap, homi's karipaps are tonnes better and just a few sen more. GET THE DAIM CAKE!!!!!!!!"
"still don't find what's the big deal about the meatballs. not worth queuing up for again.both times(2000&2006) left much to be desired.nvr cheap furniture ok lar.."
"Food here is awesome.."
"Best Swedish DIY furniture, and Swedish meatballs. Validate your parking ticket at the check-out for free parking, no minimum purchase required."
"IKEA has a very unique fragrant, it smells like cheering gas! I feel so happy to shop here!"