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AEON Bukit Raja Shopping Centre Mall

Persiaran Bukit Raja 2,
Klang, Selangor

"The nearest TGV"
"Only went here for movies.."
"I go here JUST to visit Padini Authentics & TGV Cinemas. :>"
"I dont understand why this place is crowded all the time."
"Loser the biggest one is in malacca freak. Do a read."
"Will be abit hard to find parking during weekends. I always come here for the cinema anyway!"
"this is obviously not the biggest Aeon in Malaysia, biggest one is in Bukit Tinggi, dumb dumb."
"Parking here is harder to find than Mid Valley or 1U, especially so on the weekends. Thumbs up if you think it's always packed"
"For Shah Alam people the nearest place nak tengok wayang kat sini jela.. Why Shah Alam takde Cinema.. Urgh!"
"KFC : during CNY also pax. Haish..To KFC mgmt : pls upgrade ur place asap! Rimas penuh sangat!!!"