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Gold Chilli Malaysian Restaurant

7, Jalan SS 15/8B,
Subang Jaya, Selangor

"Butter chicken , mouthgasm"
"Kalau was-was...jgn le makan...halal is not just bout pork do u ensure the chicken is slaughtered according to syariah...???"
"Spicy beef fried rice ! ohh damn"
"This is not a place for lepak. If you're done eating, please leave. You can lepak at darus. The tables here are limited, please be a little considerate to others :)"
"Butter chickens here are awesome!!!!"
"Buttermilk chicken sdp mmg sdp. Tp nk tggu serve kemain lama sgt. Mmg sbr menanti. Dh tggu lama igt makanan sampai pns. Tp sejuk. So tggu lama ni sbnr nya apa?"
"the butter chicken is the sex! definitely a must try"
"Buttermilk chicken is the mad butter. Reccomended."
"Butter chicken here is the shit yo!"
"The best butter chicken and assam fish !"