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Jonker Walk / Street Flea Market

Jalan Hang Jebat,
Melaka, Melaka

"Malaysia's Unesco Heritage Site"
"Go on a Friday or Saturday. Pretty much dead the rest if the week."
"Geographer cafe a must go and the 88 cendol a must try !! So do the pineapple tarts and durian puff !!"
""Jonker" pronounced as "Yonkay" in Dutch, it derived from most Dutchmen name, so this is a guy's street. For girl's street, it named as "Heeren"."
"Love the rice ball and cendol ! Must tryyyy !! <3"
"Awesome dishes"
"It's a night market during the weekends. Try the cendol, laksa, pineapple tarts, chicken rice balls, and a well deserved pint on a hot day at Geographer's cafe!"
"Go there in d weekend.Starting friday nite they have a pasar malam (nite market) along d street.Lotsa good food. Must go to jonker 88 try laksa,ice cendol. Drinks,some music n dance go to Eleven."
"Famous cendol here"
"A lady who has lost her hand but still can write excellent Chinese characters and even with meaningful quotes! Cool~ (@.@) Salute!"