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Calanthe Art Cafe Café

11. Jalan Hang Kasturi,
Melaka, Melaka

"The butter slice chicken with rice is delicious!! And chocolate passion is to die for!"
"Why Starbucks or Coffee Bean if you are in Malacca? This is the place you should visit for some unique and local taste of Malaysian Coffee (they serves all 13 types of coffee from states across M'sia)"
"Nasi lemak ! Nyummmmmmmm"
"New menu with a price hike, luckily its still the same nice food n friendly staff!"
"Try te caramel slice cake. It's good."
"Love this place! From the chairs, menu, deco & ambience everything is well thought & unique :)"
"Here you can enjoy to thirteen states' Coffee?"
"Good news for coffee lover, 13 states of coffee are all available here!! A good place for relaxing n fellowship."
"Chocolate passion is love, chocolate milk shake with slight strawberry taste, rating (9/10). Dark chocolate cheese is amazing (10/10). Laksa needs a little bit more salt, but the taste is okay (7/10)"
"CAC2922960 wifi"