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Dip N Dip Dessert Shop

Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur

"Bitter pan cake!"
"They really should not blast music in here. Play some chillstep instead. People come here to have dessert, chit-chat & chill."
"Kalau nak tunggu turn makan jangan berdiri macam orang bodoh diluar. Tapi masuk pegi daftar nama kat kauter. Letak num fon nanti dorang call. Sementara tu. Pegi mamak makan mee goreng baru desert. ♥"
"They should improvise the waiting system. It should be 1st come 1st serve lorr..not how many person you've come.."
"Too bad that they do not accept any creds card. Overpriced."
"dip dip was heaven! :)"
"Two words: Chocolate Overload."
"For chocolate waffles that cost RM17, I expect better music (not radio mainstream), well mannered staff and out of this world food. Only the chocolate is good here. Owner please take note."
"Sedap awal2 je.. Lame2 makan korang akan rasa muak gile. Of course duit korang pon akan terbang melayang di awan biru"