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Chow Kit Flea Market

Chow Kit,
Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur

"Penuh dengan kesesakan, ramai nya orang di sini.."
"Awas peragut n penyeluk saku"
"xrasa mcm malaysia bler ad kt sini..sume indon seyhh..."
"like we're not in malaysia laaa!"
"U better bring a jumbo plastic bag! Or a trolley :)))"
"glassware n kitchen ware,sila ke majumas or menang.kt belah jalan raja bot."
"Banyak indon perasan hot"
"Many wet groceries can be found here..but watch out for pick pocket..specially those Indonesian."
"The best wet market in town. Great prices, fresh produce."
"Beware with pick pocket and people around because there are lot of indonesian ! When I'm here I feel like not I'm my own country haha"