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Nasi Kandar Beratur Indian Restaurant

Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling,
George Town, Penang

"Don't believe the hype... Nothing great seriously. A little bit disappointed is all I can say."
"The best food you can get after 12am. And this is original nasi kandar not commercialise such as Pelita Nasi Kandar. A must on your visit to Penang."
"I'm sorry but this just did NOT do it for me. Utter dissapointment but I'm not a Nasi Kandar fan anyway!"
"Its open at 10pm. Make sure came earlier. DO try the Ayam Ros, Ayam Hitam, Telur Dadar, Fish Curry. Drink is Bandung. The taste seems look alike Shariff Nasi Kandar Gelugor."
"Don't come if ur not willing to wait.. If u can wait.. It's worth the time put in.. Awesome nasi kandar!"
"Sampai penang haruslah ke sini. Kalau tak dtg rugi. :)"
"Queue is getting longer and longer!"
"Lagi kotoq kedai nasik kandaq tu lagi sedap rasanyerrrr"
"lovely Nasi Kandar, come late around 1am for some kick-a** Kandar Rice. Recommended for Thrillist"
"Serious, worth the queue."