Penang > Makan

Chowrasta Market Flea Market

Penang Road,
George Town, Penang

"Make sure you try Cendol pulut at the stall beside the market. Gula kaww !"
"Try the delicious food here and buy some high quality stuff at low price."
"Saya melayu beli kuih dekat orang india. Orang cina beli cendol dekat orang melayu. Orang india beli buah berangan dekat orang cina. What I can see is harmony. I love penang."
"Dont forget to buy the preserved fruits and the dried nutmegs."
"The best place to hunt for pickled fruits especially nutmegs and local products...there are plenty of bargain shops around the market."
"Excellent place to buy jeruk!!"
"jgn lupa pekena cendol...:-)"
"What can I say here. Come here and try their own jeruk buah! Mouth-gasm? YES!"
"If u like "jeruk" this is the place..."
"A good place to buy lots of jeruk/dried fruits. Good quality at a very very reasonable price"