Penang > Makan

Esplanade (Padang Kota Lama) 舊關仔角 Field

Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah,
George Town, Penang

"foods are the best!! pasembor, kerang bakar, sotong kangkung, sotong bakar, satay, mee udang, laksa, etc."
"Woohoo swarm unlocked here today, bon odori 2011"
"Kindly look for Mee sotong , hociak !!!"
"Avoid foods here if you feel it's expensive. same foods available at Padang Brown foodcourt with cheaper price."
"kt cni,utk menenangkn fkrn blh la tp klu niat nk jln2,forget it,hakhak bosan.."
"This places will be crowded & the road around here will be jammed on every festival. Afterall, it's one of the historical place in this island."
"The pasembur here, I hear, is the best in Penang"
"I miss mee sotong"
"Attractive place for leisure while enjoying the sea breeze. A variety of food also available."
"Makan kat area malay nyer side dah la mahal n makanan pulak mmg worst la...bgi kucing mkn pun dia xmkn..ape la org melayu kita meniaga mcmni"