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Penang Bridge Bridge

Jambatan Pulau Pinang,
Penang, Penang

"On the bridge, especially when caught in a jam, reminds me of a scene in Final Destination. Scary sia!"
"Check in only when you're at the midspan :)"
"Do us all a favor by not being so busybody over others' unfortunate road accident by staring at them while driving slowly along and causes massive bad traffic especially during rush hour. Thanks."
"A very beautiful place especially at night and at dawn/dusk"
"i jump , u jump, okay ?"
"jangan drive laju - laju. nanti cium bontot kereta orang lain pulak! haha"
"Be a civilised driver while driving on the bridge.. It's not a race track and it's not a place to show the "kiasuism" attitude"
"Avoid peak hours."
"concentrate,don't check in while driving"
"Improved traffic flow due to third lane"