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Fraser's Hill General Travel

Bukit Fraser, Pahang

"Riding with Chap Ayam Riders from Kuala Kubu Bharu til here! Nice cool breeze"
"Tempat yg menarik dan sejuk sgt..."
"Layan corner!! Terbaikkk!!!"
"Winding road up n down hill.. Very scary !!! :{"
"Weather here is cold & fresh air, a nice place for holiday =) bring along ur family come for relax,is the best choice ↖(^▽^)↗"
"Make sure minyak cukup sebelum panjat bukit yee. Kat atas takde petrol station. Desperate kalu, ada kedai jual dlm botol. Tskkk"
"Hill resort located on the Titiwangsa Ridge in the state of Pahang. Cool and invigorating throughout the year, Fraser's Hill remains popular for retreats and weekend breaks."
"It's a romantic place.. So peaceful!! But a bit boring... Hehehe"
"Cool..romantic place.. (^_^)"
"Scary road."