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Ikan Bakar Pak Awang Seafood Restaurant

Jalan Kuantan-Kemamam,
Kuantan, Pahang

"Rude stupid chef...and expensive.. chase out customer..!! Shit restaurant.. find another one :)"
"Better find another restaurant, the chef n staff are rude...n the vege r not fresh at all..n sloww service! So damn!"
"Just been there. Food was good but price was steep. Had 2 chili crabs, abt 10 pieces of prawns, 1 medium sotong n a small bowl of mixed veges soup. Price came up to RM85. Pricey for dinner for two."
"Servis selowww ahahah tak faham"
"Kedai kurang hajar...halau customer..cas mahal..salah ambik oder..jd emo..n ''TAK NAK MASAK..!!"
"Service lembab"
"Must try the chilli crab awesomeness and not forgetting the "sotong tepung" :)"
"Sotong goreng tepung & prawn is really good !! Found a fly in watermelong juice !! what out for the lalat."
"Baru je order... Harga sangat murah berbanding Key Ell uols..."
"Marvelous Food! Sape dtg awl mmg dpt cepat la. Kat situ pun dah ckp "trima kasih krn sabar menunggu". Harga nye mmg best. Murah!"