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Anjung Keli Malaysian Restaurant

Medan Sri Pulai,
Kangar, Perlis

"Ikan keli bakar is the best here!! Just a plate of white rice with ulam & sambal belacan and ur ready to go!! :D"
"makan ikan keli goreng best kat sini.."
"Ikan keli goreng dia mmg terbaik :)"
"Tasty n loads of variety. But abit pricey compared to other shops :)"
"the best malay food in town! +wifi"
"Ikan keli bakaq, kuah asam n ulam. What a great combination for lunch. Kampung style!"
"Byk pilihan n sedappppp.... Mcm2 type lauk ada dsinii"
"Sememangnya sedap makanan di sini."
"Very nice place to have such nice kampung style food for lunch.. Every time got work in Perlis I won't miss this place.."
"This restaurant has many kind of Malay foods.the best part is they're all delicious.try ikan/keli sambal with sambal belacan.lickin finger!!"